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Friday, November 16, 2007

"Your pissed off?...No, I'm Pissed Off" Part 2

1) Dr. ________ in anticipation that an independent study would be seen as a burden for Mr. __________ I spoke with him prior to presenting my idea. He said that he would be willing to work with me as long as you supported it, and I could get credit. We have already discussed the contributions I could make and how they fall in line with his goals for campus TV. My intended goal is to complement the work he already does with campus TV and the classes he teaches, not add to his workload.

2) My proposal is geared more towards allowing me to build a greater portfolio with experiences which aren’t offered via an internship with a professional T.V. or radio station. I have also already taken CM 380, so in my view it would be unwise to retake the course.

3) My idea for an independent study is based off of a model which at other institutions allows students to partake in on-campus internship/portfolio work. The arrangement allows and requires students to work independently. It allows flexibility but also accountability. My work, understanding of broadcasting, journalism, and media conventions could be measured in multiple ways a) activity log b) projects which can also be content for campus TV c)written evaluation/paper at semester’s end.

The activity log and projects could be measured on an ongoing basis as not to burden or overload an instructor

4) I believe that my prior experience with Communications department faculty and staff demonstrates my ability to work independently and still be productive. Part of the goal of an independent study would be to allow me to exercise many of the skills needed in journalism particularly broadcasting which are a) being a self-starting, b) being self-motivating c) being self-challenging d)being enterprising.

5) If you still think that having an independent study focused primarily on T.V. How about doing dual focus project focusing on audio and video. This could be facilitated by working with both campus Radio and campus T.V. This project would be unlike club involvement because a) I would have designated time 10am-12pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, b)would be responsible for producing material on a regular basis, c)all material would be geared towards a final portfolio.

6) If you talked to Mr. ________ I’m sure he would be in support of the idea. As I said I approached him before contacting you. Also I am sure Mr. ______ of campus Radio, and my advisor Dr. ________ would attest to my abilities to carry out such a project.

Thank you in advance for considering my request.

Then Dr. _______ wrote back asking because I suggested a Radio/TV hybrid, if I wanted radio and T.V. why the professor I had requested, when what I wanted was compromise and not to give up anything.


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