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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reporter's Notebook

Since my internship ended in August I have not been actively practicing the craft. At least I have not been in front of the camera, or beside the camera on a regular basis. Yes, on occasion I pen a column for the school newspaper. I however want to be a broadcaster. So, I should be practicing broadcasting. Well hopefully I'll get more opportunities in the not too distant future.

Tonight though I had the opportunity of my young career. I had the opportunity to interview someone for whom I have tremendous respect AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent. The 23-year-old has always impressed me because of her poise, maturity, dignity, and grace. Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS as a child she hasn't known life without her disease. She however has always lived a life where she's tried to show people that infected persons can lead productive lives.

Her speech at my school was open, honest, blunt, frank. She went wherever the audience wanted her to go in Q & A's. From her needing to take a break from the spotlight, to her own love life, and to her decision to abstain from sex. Broadbent spoke repeatedly of the need for careful decision making.

It's weird she's older than me but I still see her as the young girl who had been everywhere from Oprah to the cover of Essence.

It was a privilege to be in her presence, to speak with her, and to see that she is truly no different from the rest of us. I aspire to always tell real stories, about real people with real life lessons.

If I learned anything from Hydeia it is to not be afraid to serve "my people" and fulfill my purpose.

That one of my personal objectives as a journalist: to always take something personally away from every subject, every story. It's my belief that it'll make me a better person.

Have a great Friday.


P.S. Do digital cameras add 10 lbs too or are those the 10 I really need to lose? :-/


At 6:46 PM , Blogger Vdizzle said...

I think that's a very good lesson. I agree.

And as far as the camera thing goes...shuddup!!!


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