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Friday, November 16, 2007

"Your pissed off?...No, I'm Pissed Off" Part 1

So apparently I pissed off the chair of the Comm dept here at my school.


For a good eight or so hours I actually cared. Then I said screw it. I'm not in the business of making enemies, but friends are overrated. I'm only slightly joking. As I said I'm not in the business of making enemies, but I'm not in the business of not being heard either.

Dr. _________:

I'm writing to inquire as to the possibility of designing an independent study for credit as a communications elective. As of now I only need 1 course for my major. Unfortunately I need 2 courses for my minor and this means I had to drop CM 372 Studio Television. Would it be possible to design an independent study course in conjunction with Mr. _______ for which I would receive 3 course credits? I could most certainly devise course objectives via a format, activity log, list of activities to be performed throughout the spring semester, along with a list of expected outcomes. In the past I've had to design or do independent projects for communications course such as Advanced Study in Communication, that experience along with prior internship and practical experience I believe have prepared me for an independent study opportunity. My being able to work with _____ for course credit I think would allow and facilitate me to be more of an asset to campus media.


Dr. ________ then wrote back saying a) Comm department is understaffed, b) I was just trying to get credit for doing campus T.V., c) take a class which already appears on my transcript, d) design a course and get people to sign up by Thanksgiving, e) he’d get another instructor not the one whose experience I need to learn from.


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