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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just A Prayer Away

The other night I was talking to best friend # 2 on the phone. He was telling me about the joys of med school. I was telling him about the horrors of the job search.

I have $100 in my checking account I just spent $74 on a round trip ticket to Philly for a job interview. So already I'm praying for money in those "Congrats Grad" cards. I have no car, no apartment. All I have is a smile and a commitment to a fresh start.

So, I'll be taking the train up to Philly for an interview on Monday, two days after graduation. If I get it it'll be interesting trying to make this work on an hourly wage, and only six months of employment guaranteed, but it'll be a start. Do they know how rough it is out here for a grad just out of college? I'm without car and sans apartment but I will beg my friend who goes to school up there to let me grab a hold of that couch.

Is this what they mean by roughing it to get the big break? Is this what it means to be an adult?

I'm saying my prayers like Yo-Yo.

And I'm calling in favors.


At 10:24 PM , Blogger Vdizzle said...

Yep, welcome to not only adulthood, but the media profession.

I'm in a ratty apartment because I'm poor and got a month until hurricane season in a town that was destroyed three years ago.

But I'm praying on it and for your interview to go well. Keep grinding.

At 8:23 AM , Blogger Chris said...

call on Him. Times are tough in what we do, so media professionals should be amongst the most spiritual people walking, LOL...He'll make a way if you're trying to do right.


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