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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Should Be Sleep

I wasn't even on duty.

I had planned to go to sleep mad early.

My friend from NY called to talk. We talked.

My fellow RA called to go to Midnight Breakfast.

I went with her to midnight breakfast on our way back we busted up/raided this gathering, and here's the result.

This is me after documenting six people for two recycling bins and a trash can full of empties. Lesson #1: Don't be loud dumbies, don't use a friggin strobe light like its the Bat Signal it draws attention to your room, don't have a hallway which smells like a local pub dead giveway.

This is my pants after I slid down a hill not once but twice after escorting the room's occupants to a dumpster to get rid of all the mess. Lesson #2: We make you pull out all the alcohol, pour it out, and throw all the empties in the dumpster.


This is why I am not a fan of a majority of freshman cause they put me in difficult positions. Lesson # 3: You make me run up steps and block a doorway I will remember your names and your faces.

I'm so not a fan of these spoiled, arrogant, uninformed, non-charming kids right now, it's exam time, lay low and wait to do your dirt at home under your parent's roofs.

Reasons I turn in early
a) throwup on walkways irks me
b) scantily clad kids irk me, especially when the heffas ain't that cute
c) people who are intoxicated when I'm not irk me, HEY I FEEL LEFT OUT
d) the possibily of writing someone up for noise irks me, and strikes me as being petty
e) the war stories I hear from my fellow RA's reveal T.M.I. how about multiple reports of someone getting it on in the middle of a dance floor at the local chill spot, a reason why I don't congregate with certain LoCo elements, that's beyond nasty, and trashy

So now that I've been up 1 to 2 hours after my desire downtime. I think a liquor store run may be in store after my meeting tomorrow. Shhhhhhhh! Everyone needs a reward and everyone needs to reward themself in their own way.

I'm only slightly kidding.

Wish me luck on my interview and on my finals, por favor.

I know someone's thinking he's blogging and not sleeping. Blogging keeps me from going off, as does sleeping. So, sleeping is next.



At 2:35 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

I might be joining you, oops, I am also in a dry buidling and supposed to be a leader at that. Oh well, four more days!


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