Impossible is Impossible

This blog is my way of reflecting upon life. Life is about living and learning. As I live and learn I’m going to reflect upon this life I lead. Hopefully I'll offer something insightful with my postings. If you learn nothing else from me, know this that “impossible is impossible”.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



At 5:44 PM , Blogger Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Loving your Blog, dude ;-)

At 9:22 PM , Blogger Caesar Cannon said...

wow, that's extreme. whoever came up with that had to be very bored. But that was funny though.

And, Yah, I like to read your blog as well.

At 12:42 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

hahahahaha. i love that the girl who's comforting and saying "shhh" is giggling. soooo hilarious... but why is "inoculated" misspelled?? GET IT TOGETHER!!


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