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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Kids

On Tuesday while here in NOLA I had the chance to along with a group of other conference organizers participate in a day long service project.

The project took us to a local charter school where we were able to visit different classrooms, assist classroom teachers, and interact with the kids.

I and three other conference attendees visited a 2nd grade class.

It was an interesting experience because I hadn't worked so closely with little kids in about a year. The experience of being at the school also reminded me of my own elementary school experience back in Baltimore. From the pledge of allegiance (which I embarrassingly forgot a word too: yeah I forgot all about indivisible), to learning how to map coordinates on a grid, to learning about animals it was all so great. Yes, the kids made me tired but there was an innocence to them, and their personalities were most definitely infectious.

Can I just say that already I miss the kids?

Ms. Jada, she was super friendly, and quite bright. The smallest thing walking around her 2nd grade class but so friendly.

Mason was a great kid. He was a handful but when talking to him I learned that he was very smart. His teacher said the same thing, but he's the type of kid that though he gives you a headache he'll also make you smile. Oh and his accent. Mason also along with one of my college aged friends, and myself won the round robin spelling bee that the teacher did before lunch.

Oh Mason made sure I took a picture of his haircut.

Mason in the blue shirt with Curry in the white shirt. Mason constantly corrected my pronunciation of Curry's name. I pronounced it Ka-rey, he said Cuh-rey with a thick New Orleanian accent.


At 7:22 PM , Blogger Vdizzle said...

I'm glad to see some of the charter schools are going well.

Have fun in the NOLA. Get a daiquir!!


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