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Friday, November 07, 2008

What a Week?

Hi all.

So I haven't blogged since Election Day, probably because it was so busy. Between working at the T.V. station and blogging for B I've been busy.

As I noted in my previous entry after voting I went straight to work. From 9:15 to about 3:15 on Tuesday I manned the assignment desk with my boss, the station's managing editor, making sure we were set for the stories we were doing, making calls to the different local boards of election, and finding locations to send photographers to get video. It was a busy day. Then I wrote for the 4pm and 5pm shows. Then at around 7pm I headed downtown to the location where I was to field produce.

My assignment was to work with one of our reporters charged with covering the slots opponents. As you know every state has different ballot initiatives that citizens have to vote on. In MD voters had to decide whether to bring slots to MD. The reporter, two photographers/satellite truck operators, and I were stationed in downtown Baltimore, in a neighborhood called Fells Point. My job was to round up our reporter who was celebrating his birthday make sure he was in front of the camera for his live shots, let him know when VIPs had arrived so we could do interviews, talk to the station and find out the latest information, and keep our techs informed. It was a good experience.

The funniest thing though when everyone was reading the copies of ourelection plans they weren't 100 sure of my full name. Whose "C.N.?" they'd ask. As one of the junior staffers I was the only non-producer to actually serve as a field producer the others were our 4PM producer, our 5PM producer, and our two special project producers.

After all was said and done I worked from 9:15am Tuesday to 12:30am Wednesday.

Where was I when they called the race? I was sitting in our live truck watching the monitors to see what our station was doing. At 11:00pm I saw Katie Couric call the race. Unfortunately, I didn't see all of the President-elect's speech because we were headed back to the station as he spoke.

Now like everyone else I'm wondering what will happen next?

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