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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Obamas Speak Up

I'm currently watching "60 Minutes".

It's coming on half an hour late due to football.

It'll be interesting to see what the Obamas the President-elect and First Lady in waiting have to say.

7:31: Neither Barack or Michelle knows if it's suck in yet though she says after his name flashed on the screen election night she says she turned and said," You are the 44th President of the United States of America, wow, what a country we live in."

7:34: Steve Kroft looks so gangster he knows he's the man.

7:36 Barack goes right to family Michelle "roaming about" in the A.M. and the "girls jumping in the bed."

7:37 "Surprisingly enough, I feel right now that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

7:38 Is Obama's disposition representative of a calm before the storm, given as he puts it our "challenges".

7:40: Obama shows what he wants to convey that he's in on things but not controlling things as far as bailout and Henry Paulson.

7:44 "Consensus" think that'll be one of Obama's keywords.

7:46 Obama says he'll move early on Guantanamo and on new American interrogation tactics to shure up the world's confidence in America. Also says we'll move back towards the search for Bin Laden.

7:47 "Soon" in response to when he'll name his cabinet and that they'll atleast be one Republican in his cabinet.

7:48 Of the advice for former President's the all see "there's a certainly loneliness to job."

7:49 The President-elect says he's reading Lincoln who he finds wise and he's reading the new book about FDR's First 100 Days. Makes me thinks about Time's interesting "The New New Deal" cover.

7:51 Obama points out that there are similarities to the past, but that recreating the 30's alone will be "missing the boat."

7:52 Obama doesn't know about making a lot of speeches, but says he'll work on communicating what he's doing as he done things. Wonder if that'll last with the Washington press corp going at him and his Press Secretary?

7:53 Obama says he wants to,"recreate a bond of trust between the Presidency and the public that [he] think has been lost."

7:58 Michelle's laugh is sooo funny, so short, but it's consistent so I know it's her real laugh.

7:59: Barack will never just go there with race he takes it and he spins it and makes it a "moment", a poignant and telling moment. He's always going to be inclusive. Election shows "Progress ...core deciency...generosity of American people."

8:01 Michelle on Malia's first day back "That's embarrassing." Wonders if someone tried to burn down the apartment?

8:02 LoL near the "Harold's Chicken Shack". O.K. So the President-elect had a hoopty so I feel better about mine.

8:03 Michelle paints at the presidency as a reunion, and homecoming.

8:06 Michelle might be a hybrid of Jacque O., Hillary, and Laura Bush as First Lady. It'll be interesting she strikes me as the type that doesn't like boredom.

8:07 Barack goes back to his girls and wanting them "to remain the great joys that they are."

8:08 Barack complains about not being able to take a walk and having to his barber having to come to an undisclosed location.

8:09 Steve asked what I wants to know what's Michelle going to do or going to want to do?

8:16 Michelle says the "dog" after the move is settled.

8:17 Barack on the "First Grandma" she can move in if she wants.

8:20 Barack started talking about something IDK about college football.


At 1:35 PM , Blogger Vdizzle said...

I loved "that's how I knew she loved me."

And the BCS is a horribly flawed system and just full of politics. A play-off system is the only fair way. Now getting it is another story.

At 6:48 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

My quote of the night was when Barrack checked Steve Kroft on comparing Mother Robinson to the yet to be named furry Obama. Plus, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when they were telling the hooptie story.

At 1:00 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

ew. i don't want her to have any laura bush. michelle's married to a very intelligent man. let's just let her be the new first lady who breaks the mold. she doesn't have to be a hybrid unless it's of awesome. I LOVE THEIR FAMILY!!


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