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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Things People Say

A while ago I started another blog where I had planned to record random conversations I have with people. Since I don't remember the password at the moment I feel the need to post here.

So the other day while sitting in the lounge for some reason the freshies were talking about sex. Apparently the hook up culture is their calling card. So one girl yells out, "I'm a virgin here." She goes on to explain she isn't actually a virgin but coming to school here has made her one. Interesting notion, the notion of virginity being able to be reasserted at certain times.

Then as I continued on to lecture a resident about something. He said, "I know, I know don't mess with you because you're a crazy motherfucker." I was a little taken aback and wondered where he had gotten got that idea. Apparently I've said that before. Sadly it does sound like something I'd say but I wasn't sure if I was joking or not.

Then my co-RA and I were talking about life. She was talking about her bf and how next week is their anniversary. They decided to begin dating a year ago Valentine's Day. She told me that people often ask why they chose V-Day. She said to me, "We're both economists (they're Econ majors) so we decided it would just be better if we each had to buy one gift." Hence their V-Day and anniversary wrapped all into one.

Then today I was having lunch with a friend. Somehow we got on dating and she shared she and one of her co-workers were talking about me and my dating life at some point in the week. My friend said, " So she asked me why are you single? She kept saying but Chris is sooo intelligent and sooo nice. I just said he doesn't date because he's "C. Nel" ." I couldn't stop laughing.

She then went on to lecture me about something superficial like dress or some nonsense at which point I zoned out and focused on my lunch.

And that's today's edition of The Things People Say.


At 2:23 PM , Blogger WhozHe said...

Econ majors they might well be, but I think they're just cheap.


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