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Friday, January 05, 2007

All Cised Up

I really think I was one of few people really excited to be watching C-SPAN for about three hours yesterday afternoon.

For some reason the pomp and pageantry of ceremonies such as inaugurations is fascinating to me.

I love C-SPAN.

I was sitting in my seat beaming, saying "Yea Baltimore", "Hey Down the Hill," then it switched to "Ciao Bella".

For those of ya'll who don't know the 66 year old Italian American mother, grandmother, wife, politican Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker of the House is from B-more. Yea Baltimore.

I'm such a "womanist" (that's a C-NEL original). I'm a womanist thanks to being raised by the women of my family.

Stormyc14 (12:14:55 AM): i'm like the only black person in baltimore who knows who nancy pelosi is, and its a damn shame
LilBrownEyes07 (12:15:21 AM): yea iono who that is
Stormyc14 (12:16:14 AM): lol she's the speaker of the house of representatives, lol the most powerful woman in the world cause if bush and cheney died, she'd be president, oh and even tho she from california she grew up in baltimore, what what
LilBrownEyes07 (12:16:44 AM): ha ha...oooh.
LilBrownEyes07 (12:16:46 AM): yea who cares
LilBrownEyes07 (12:16:48 AM): lol ololol sike
Stormyc14 (12:16:55 AM): ur ignant ass
LilBrownEyes07 (12:17:40 AM): hah
Stormyc14 (12:18:07 AM): u should be rejoicing and it means women gaining positions of power and privilege
LilBrownEyes07 (12:18:32 AM): Oh. joy!
LilBrownEyes07 (12:18:37 AM): yea, that was exciting
Stormyc14 (12:18:40 AM): lol i hate u

I will only be a fan of the new Speaker of the House as long as she represents, if she doesn't represent than ummmm.

In other news:

I am back at school. Well actually I never left, but I'm now working. How come I didn't know that I was considered staff? I'm actually in the staff directory. Does this mean I can now ask for the staff discount at the cafe? I am in my last few months as news director at the campus radio station.

They are already killing me: 1) I am packaging and editing some interviews I did a minute ago before my travel schedule became nuts, 2) I'm doing phone interviews with the speakers for a symposium being hosted in honor of MLK 3) I'm recording a promo and coordinating an interview with the speaker for this year's convocation.

I was so lost as to how to package one of the stories. Then I remembered it wasn't about what I wanted to say, but rather what the subject was saying. My job was to make sure his story is being told.

Oh and before I go there has been a Facebook Group erected in my honor:


Group Info
CNEL needs love too
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Well you see, Chris is going through a transitional moment in life and what better thing for him to have than a ride or die chick by his side? Well see that's the problem. He doesn't have one, but needs and would love to have the point is CNEL NEEDS SOME LOVE IN HIS LIFE TOO...let's make it happen for him yall...<3
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CNEL hasn't been on a date in a while, let's help him with this issue

HaHa have a great end to the week!


At 8:46 PM , Blogger Chris said...

well, you know you've made it anytime you have a Facebook group created in your honor. Welcome to the world of popularity brother, lol

I'm glad Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the house, she seems to be strong enough to not take any foolishness off the men in the house, so maybe we'll get some work done. Democrats: In '08, we're bringing government back, these Republicans don't know how to act. Holla.


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