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Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Don't Know What To Think

Listening : Ciara, Ciara: The Evolution
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Doing: Posting This, About to Shower, and Head to Lunch w/ One of the two Best Friends

I had written off girls until atleast after New Year's haha when last night I got a message from an old friend. She IMed me, and told me she was home from school for break, and working, but that she was off for two days next week. So I figured that she'd want to meet up for lunch or whatnot. We try to get together whenever she's home from school, since she goes to school down south. But my thing is why did she IM me, why did she say she would call me? I mean we're cool or whatever, but we don't hang like that. Part of me started getting too excited, thinking too hard, heart racing, overanalyzing just because. It's easier to sabotage whatever may happen by getting worked up, than by just seeing what happens. Part of the reason I don't know what to think is, there's some attraction there. I think it's on both sides, pretty sure. We flirt without flirting, there's that awkwardness that's there, when you're not trying to show your hand. Then my mind automatically reverts back to her Facebook Status: In A Relationship. Damn, damn, damn. That just complicated things all the more. So I'm back to square one, I don't know what to think. She's a great girl and all, and I want to see her, but there's this attraction thing, that kind of sort of complicates things LoL.


At 1:42 AM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

just go. stop overanalyzing. give her the eye. practice on her for a girl who's available.

At 9:14 PM , Blogger So...Wise...Sista said...

Well damn...Jameil said what I was gonna say...but my version was longer and more nurturing and empathetic. :)

Enjoy her. Find a way to talk openly about relationships (in general) that the awkwardness isnt so thick.

At 12:36 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

hahaha. that's my way of being nurturing and empathetic. just get to the nuts and bolts. did you go? you must not have. you haven't posted all willy nilly. tsk tsk. now you must tell us why.


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