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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Should Really Thinking on the Origins of Politics But I'm Thinking On

Christopher is thinking on this "Women are women, some are poison, some are sweet."

Why is that almost anytime you ask a girl, how another girl looks the response is negative.

I asked a friend's opinion of this girl I like with the full knowledge, that it's only my opinion that mattered.

What do I get but this:
texas (10:57:25 PM): and ps... shes not that pretty
stormyc14 (10:57:29 PM): ur so mean
texas (10:57:37 PM): no
texas (10:57:42 PM): honest
stormyc14 (10:57:43 PM): in my eyes she's gorgeous lol
texas (10:57:52 PM): well thats all that matters
stormyc14 (10:59:22 PM): but why do u say that? ur the second person whose said that, but both of u r girls
texas (10:59:58 PM): cuz.. ur eyes are the only eyes that matter
stormyc14 (11:00:25 PM): answer the question erika
texas (11:01:01 PM): what do u mean..
stormyc14 (11:01:25 PM): why is she "not that pretty"?
texas (11:01:56 PM): oh... i dunon
texas (11:03:22 PM): ive seen a lot prettier
stormyc14 (11:03:28 PM): lol u have no criteria which u judged her based on lol, u just said hmmmm she's not pretty lol
texas (11:03:41 PM): i saw her pic
texas(11:03:44 PM): shes not pretty
texas (11:03:50 PM): physically i mean
stormyc14 (11:03:57 PM): lol what is pretty?
texas (11:04:48 PM): no her
stormyc14 (11:04:53 PM): lol omg
texas (11:04:57 PM): but thats my eyes talkin
stormyc14 (11:05:06 PM): whoa wow whoa
texas (11:05:11 PM): chill out... its just my opinion
stormyc14 (11:05:19 PM): no i'm calm, just curious is all

Women, women, women.


At 4:27 PM , Blogger Robyne said...

haha that doesn't always happen. Show me the picture and I'll give a second opinion. My thing is, why guys can't admit when other guys are mildly good-looking.

At 3:36 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

i'll tell you if she's pretty. maybe she's not conventionally pretty. most women, if they're secure w/themselves, can say when another woman is pretty. like robyne said, its men who lose their minds.


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