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Saturday, February 23, 2008

State of the Black Union

I am currently watching "The State of the Black Union" on C-SPAN.

Let me just say Michael Eric Dyson is the man. He came and spoke at LoCo two years ago. He was on point speaking to a packed house of LoCo students and Bmore heads.

Anyway I'm a huge fan of Dyson's, which reminds me I still need to finish his book, "Why I Love Black Women."

On this day he was speaking to the divisiveness created by the presence of "difference" on the Democratic ticket namely race and gender.

Of course he said no one should be faulted for voting for Hillary or Barack. He flat out said Hillary is smarter than Bill. Interesting. He also noted that when a woman leader chooses to act with confidence and directness "she's called a B", but a man is called "self-confident and self-assured." The old double standard.

Then he turned to Barack,first he spoke to the fear that Barack will be killed he said, "let the Secret Service and God worry about that."

Then he refocused on the challenges faced by the two of them Hillary and Barack. He believes that they will both take into account their "difference" but not decide things based solely on that.

Of Obama specifically he said, "He is rooted in not restricted by his blackness."

I wish a lot of other leaders knew how to take into account those things which define them without letting them rule them entirely. Life is a balancing act as is leadership.


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