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Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Life just keeps on going. Someone said you do soo much. I have to be active or else I feel like I'm doing nothing. When I do nothing, I feel as if I'm neither growing or helping others grow. So in essence life is busy, busy, busy.

Saturday: I chilled out, tried to clean up my room cause during the week I do drive bys of my room, and I also rode around on one of the campus shuttles with my friend whose a student driver. Then on Saturday night I went to Senior 100s with my classmates. I found out one of my old roommates is engaged, it was kind of cute. His gf is so funny she holds up her finger and starts flashing. At first I was like early V-Day gift then I asked, "Uh is that the real thing? Is that an engagement ring?" Then I of course congratulated them. It was in the making, but a little early.

He's not a senior, he just thinks he is.

Apparently I broke the elevator, I really wanted to talk to whoever was on the elevator.

So maybe I had a little too much fun.

Sunday: Woke up. HaHa. Barely. Then I went to breakfast with a friend. Came back showered. Then I went to see my cousin and her two daughters who I adore, and went home for a few hours. Then I came back and had dinner with a few friends, they cooked, always good to have a woman or women cook for you. :-)

Monday: Went to bed around 5:00am. Woke up at 11am. I sent a gazillion e-mails. I then showered, ate, ironed my clothes, and got dressed. I had an interview for a paid internship, it went alright. Then I went to visit a friend at her office. Then I came back to school. I ate my mother's home cooking (fried chicken, brocoli, stuffing, and rice-a-roni.) Then I talked to my mother via phone. Tonight I am on duty, have a meeting in between duty rounds, tons of homework, and I'll try to catch part of Michelle Obama's interview along with the Tennessee Lady Vols taking on Rutgers Scarlet Knights in a rematch of last year's women's championship game, and then the Hoyas play tonight too.

Tuesday: I have breakfast with a group of senior leaders and our college president. I must then go home to VOTE. I also need get a haircut which will make it awfully tricky to have a meeting tomorrow with my independent study advisor, but it's a must. I have class tomorrow afternoon and night, then I have to go to a lecture, and then my day's capped off with a meeting at 10pm.

Wednesday: Since I don't have my TV internship this week, I want it to be meeting day, so I can meet with people and have them leave me alone. I believe I'm going to a reception representing the org on Wednesday.

Thursday: I have a photo shoot for the propaganda as J calls it. I think I'm appearing in some admissions or financial aid materials. Then I think I'll try to make it downtown to this conference.

Friday: Conference all day, I think. Maybe a club or bar? Iono.

Saturday: Conference, dinner? Homework? Taking a breath. Hanging out.


At 8:24 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

such is our lives, but I agree, you need to stay busy to stay out of trouble. Plus, other people of other persuasions are superpeople, why not our people. Keep doin' your thing.

At 2:26 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

BARACK THE VOTE!! yay for too much fun!! and you know sometimes you do too much and need to sit down. w/you the line is not at all fine.

At 12:24 PM , Blogger memphiz said...

aww cnel u so busy, yeah i hope u come up for air!


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