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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Favorite Oscar Moment

I don't get to the movies nearly enough.

I watched mainly because it was a floor program in my dorms.

I think that some of the movies were good, some not so good.

The designer clothes. Ummm it was either red or black. So many people looked the same to me.

But I loved this:


At 3:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Oscars are wack!!

At 8:06 PM , Blogger Vdizzle said...

Ditto @ Eps. But that little girl was blowing.

At 11:56 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

that intro was ridic. all them names. i love keri russell. that little girl was amazing.

At 10:31 AM , Blogger spchrist said...

I didn't watch the show...but it looked like a great performance.

At 1:07 PM , Blogger shani-o said...

Bah at the Oscars. I looooooooove Felicity!! lol


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