Impossible is Impossible

This blog is my way of reflecting upon life. Life is about living and learning. As I live and learn I’m going to reflect upon this life I lead. Hopefully I'll offer something insightful with my postings. If you learn nothing else from me, know this that “impossible is impossible”.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


May I Have This Chance?

May I have this chance?
On this day, is it possible to begin again?
I cannot undo the deeds, nor can I take back my words.
Forward is the only direction in which my life can go.
May I have this chance?
Can I attempt to redeem myself?
Might I change my fortune?
Change is the only thing which makes us grow.
May I have this chance?
Could you forgive me for my fears?
Can you trust I'll not let my mind overthink things?
May I have this chance?
Not to be judged,
Just to be loved
May I have this chance?
Might I finally receive a chance to just be, to exist, and to exist with you?

Whose the Boss?

How is it
that we
sit justifying
someone else's actions?
How is it that we grasp at the
pieces of sanity,
knowing damn well there are complete elements of insanity?
How is it
that we'd dare sacrifice
who we are
because of fear?
Fear of what they'll
If they scare you,
if they instill fear in you.
Doesn't that mean
they have control of you?
Why cede control?


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