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Monday, September 11, 2006

Time Moves On

Five years ago today, I was just days into my sophomore year of high school.

I still remember how great it felt to live on campus. I was in my second year of living in the dorms and was determined to come into my own. I had motivation to do more than I had done as a freshman. I wanted to explore more, risk more, learn more, and see more, cause I knew just how fortunate I was.

On that Tuesday morning I was in between classes, and had ventured into the computer lab. I remember the Technology Coordinator Mrs. I coming into the lab and telling us that a plane had gone into one of the World Trade Center Towers. At first I thought like a lot of other people that it was a small plane which had mistakenly flown into the building. Not an hour later we were called into a special assembly where we learned we were under attack. I remember fearing for my aunt's safety cause she works as a security guard at the SSA Headquarters. Yeah, the likelihood of terrorists unless they're domestic wanting to take out SSA, slim to none. We didn't however know that at the time.

The rest of the day was a blur, but I can remember watching the towers fall in Spanish class.

We went on throughout the day unable to focus, unable to concentrate, wondering aloud what was happening, afraid of the unknown.

After school let out, I went back to the dorms. The common room became a place where we all congregated to watch CNN, NBC, MSNBC. I remember watching replays of the towers in NY, hearing of the downed planes at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, watching the tears flow. I remember watching Congress gather on the steps of the Capitol to sing. I remember a defiant President Bush return to The White House and addressing the nature.

Now I sit here five years later wondering what freedom means? Wondering if we have changed more than on the outside? Wondering if we understand really that to fulfill America's promise to all of its citizens is the highest tribute we can give to the nearly 3,000 people who died five years ago today!


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