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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


At our planning weekend for last week's diversity leadership conference we had to write a statement to conference participants, I wrote the following:

Dear Students:

As you begin this conference my hope for you is that this will be a transformative experience for you. I can remember attending my first conference five years ago, and I look back on how that experience transformed my life. Going to my first SDLC found me unsure of how I could contribute to my school community. Leaving left me devoted to changing things for the better, and driven to leading others in embracing diversity.
The work that you will eventually do is never easy. The work of diversity practitioners is never ending, because our work lives through us. Commit yourself to living an experience where you can change,a nd where you grow.
Remember always to acknowledge difference, affirm the voices of others, and accept our individualities as being key to our reality.
There should be loyalty to purpose: to be a servant leader, working with and for others, but also working to improve self.


Monday- arriving in a snowy Spokane for a nearly two hour delay, finally making it to Seattle a city that didn't know how to deal with snow (cause they rarely ever see any), waiting nearly 2 hours in the cold for a cab, arriving at the airport at 9am and the hotle at 1am.
Tuesday-spending all day working.
Wednesday-conference participants arriving and the excitement of getting down to action.
Thursday- a packed day of meeting some remarkable young people.
Friday- a day of intense work with some fun, fun, fun.
Saturday- the sadness associated with leaving folks who I've made geniune connections with
Sunday- leaving and feeling as if the work had just begun

I've been so blessed these last few months. So I am grateful, mindful that I have been blessed to meet some amazing people and do some amazing things.

That phrase from that gospel song "Give Thanks" which says "Give thanks with a grateful heart" is my theme right now.

See some of my pics below, maybe I'm put em on Shutterfly, but you Facebook people can see the albums at your leisure!


At 4:30 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

cnel hunny, you will look back on this time in your life w/AMAZEMENT! i'm already amazed and very impressed with your dedication. put all of this stuff on your resume. it will help you magnificently.


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