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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back from STL

So I'm back from STL.

It was an interesting week.

I got there on Monday afternoon, and got back to Baltimore this afternoon.

I went to attend the annual College Media Convention and to complete a training project for NPR. As part of the project I had to create a story idea, research the story, complete interviews, then prepare the edit and layup before it could be mixed by an engineer. I had the help of a mentor whose a producer for NPR in Washington.

My story was about how WashU in St. Louis gave its students all access passes for the city's Metro (mass transit system) so that they could access community service activities all across the city of St. Louis.

Completing the project gave me much to meditate on:
Grad school or no grad school?
TV or radio?

It was a great couple of days. I got to see one of my best friends albeit for a brief time. I also got to see the famous St. Louis Arch.

Here what I know for sure:
Eating out six nights in a week is a little too much for me, but in the spirit of Jameil I'll rank the eats.
Charlie Gitto
Pho Grand
Roper's Ribs
Kitchen K

Toasted ravioli was delish at Hannegan's
Charlie Gitto's lasagna was on point
Lettuce wraps and curried chicken were very good at Pho Grand's

Smoking cancer sticks (cigarettes/menthols) and drinking coffee (Starbucks) or from other places are such stereotypical facets of journalism, but the young guns seem to believe in it. Boo that.

Cinnabon's are excellent, it'd been like four years, no joke.

I probably should invest in a laptop.

Oh yeah and I love visiting places on other people's dime, so liberating. Ha.

But yeah, back to the reality of life at LoCo.

The countdown to Seattle is in full effect.


At 7:45 PM , Blogger jameil1922 said...

starbucks is a cult all my coworkers are trying to get me to join and i say NO!!!!!

love the food rank and toasted lasagna!!!!!!!! yummmmmmmmm!!


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