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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Happens Next?

I was watching the end of the women's basketball game when my high school friend Brittany beasted it. I was looking up her school Notre Dame and came across a site which celebrates African-Americans who attended the school.

I then came across the commencement speech by Katie Washington who last spring was celebrated for being the first African-American valedictorian in her school's history.

Part of her speech resonated with me as I continue to confront the realities of being a grown up.

She asked in part, "What happens after the applause stops? The spotlight fades, the crowd clears, and there are moments of complete silence. While applause is accompanied by feelings of safety and security, this silence can bring vulnerability and uneasiness."

I must now wonder not just what happens but what I will do. Throughout my life and career my accomplishments have often been celebrated and I've labored on, but sometimes there are let downs as you climb and climb and climb. Out of the silence hopefully will be born a plan, and more dreams. Yes, hopefully I will continue to dream.


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