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Monday, January 18, 2010

Checking In

Hello world.

Right now as with so many others around the world I'm living life one day at a time, going to work doing that, coming home and being glued to the T.V. watching the developments unfold in Haiti. I must admit I still don't know that much about Haiti, but I still know more than I did a week ago.

As a journalist I'm not doing anything in particular to advance this particular story, but at the day job at the T.V. station I'm helping balance everything else out by worrying about the days other news.

Still as I watch the coverage I am so grateful for those reporters whose storytelling is truly telling the story of the Haitian people. Earlier this evening I saw two extraordinary reports from a British journalist Bill Neely and . Neely's storytelling is full-circle journalism laying out the details, letting the emotion be where appropriate, but telling a story which makes you think, and makes you feel. I aspire to one day be that caliber of journalist, that caliber of a writer, where my work can speak in such an effortless way.

And when not being consumed by the news I'm finally taking the time to read. These past few evenings I've been cracking open a book before going to sleep Farai Chideya's "Kiss the Sky". The soundtrack for my reading has been anything Teedra Moses. My three fav songs are the "Take Me Remix" from her second mixtape "Teedra Moses: Live From The Jungle Vol. 2, "Raindrops" from her third mixtape "Teedra Moses: Lionhearted", and "Be Your Girl" from her first mixtape "Teedra Moses: The Young Hustla". She is fiya.

That's all for now.



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